This recipe was so easy and delicious. :). If it looks too thick, thin with almond milk. If so, what would you recommend- mason jar? Question: I made a big batch of it. Xoxo. Pam. So keeping this for a quick night meal. The sauce came out so great but it was so sticky… maybe from the arrowroot powder? Would it work to keep the sauce in the fridge for several hours after blending it and before returning it to the skillet? Sorry to hear this one wasn’t a hit with your family! Just wanted to share: I buy little six packs of wine just for cooking. This recipe is AMAZING Amazing Amazingly delicious! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? The dish would be just as delicious without the tomatoes, but like I said before, I thoroughly enjoyed this dish! It’s super helpful for us and other readers. It came out very tasty. I also used some kale in place of some of the brussels because I only had a handful or so left. I’m guessing substituting vegetable broth for the sautéing part and tossing the Brussels sprouts with a teaspoon or less of olive oil for the roasting part and still have a delicious meal. Thank you for sharing! Yeah, broccoli would be amazing with this! Looks delish! This was the best vegan dish I have ever made. I used can coconut milk and unsweet almond milk. Absolutely amazing. Delicious!! I am always craving rich foods but it can be difficult at times, so this has been me and my friend’s go-to for some time now. I love every recipe Minimalist Baker posts and this was delicious! This is one of my favorite recipes of all time, I felt like it was time to leave a review. Just wolfed this down for dinner – so delicious and super simple to make! I sautéed the “chicken” separately and added it into the sauce along with the noodles at the end. Plus, it’s loaded with so much parmesan cheese it’s practically irresistible. Nevertheless, once I blended it up with the other ingredients the clumps came out and it was a nice consistency. Very THICK sauce, my peeps love it! Let us know how it goes! xD, ps, my mother has a special request– a vegan chocolate chip canolli, Other than that.. Since I had silken tofu in my fridge I was trying to get rid of, I replaced the oil, the almond milk and the arrowroot powder with 1 lb of silken tofu and 3 tbsp lemon juice. A win in my books. I probably used in upwards of the 6TBS of yeast. Good luck! I made this tonight….with the almond…it was delicious ? However, rarely have I ventured into recipes involving vegan cheeses. I used brown gf rice noodles that I had on hand too so a double win! I would add tomato sauce to my portion. Love garlic..white wine..creamy sauces on pasta and brussel is a perfect and unique recipe for me to try ! Thank you! We are so glad your daughter enjoys it! I can’t wait to make this! Recipe sounds amazing by the way! I secretly wished they didn’t like it so I could eat it all – is that wrong?! So delicious I just made the sauce and turned it into a vegan cheese dip I added a can of rotel and used vegan cheese instead of vegan parmesan and vegan butter instead of oil. Thank you. I have a recipe for Chicken Alfredo with GF Pumpkin Gnocchi. We’re so glad you both enjoyed it, Laura! I decided to make caramelize red onions to add in with spinach after I heated up the sauce the second time. I then combined the roasted cauliflower with the pasta at the end, and it got me thinking that a great substitute for the pasta would be to make the sauce and put it over cauliflower by itself. I have never cared for Alfredo. I used organic and I cooked it as you directed. This is by far one of my favorite recipes! -I used my immersion blender (instead of transferring to a blender), adding a little extra veggie stock and it blended the sauce perfectly, Next time I make this, I am going to add your coconut bacon :). For some reason my sauce never really thickened. I was thinking you might want to experiment with the recipe and come up with the perfect Bechamel Lasagna recipe! Who ever heard of super healthy Alfredo! I ran out of almond milk so used 1/2 almond milk 1/2 rice milk. Thanks for sharing! I’m a veggie attempting to go vegan so I’ll definitely try this out as a bit of a transitional recipe! xo. This was absolutely delicious. I used vegan mozzarella because the store didn’t have vegan parmesan, but it still turned out great! Made this tonight and really enjoyed it. Definitely will be showing up on the regular at my house. I did not have almond milk so used canned coconut milk. I omitted the garlic powder and vegan parmesan because I tasted the sauce before adding those two and found that it didn’t need anything extra but also I was being lazy lol. I could eat the sauce just by itself. One thing: The sauce does coagulate readily and I would halve the thickening agent. Thanks so much! Thanks for a great recipe! Thank you for the excellent recipe! We are not vegan, but dairy free due to my son’s allergy. We have been making a chicken fettuccine alfredo for several years. Keep in mind, I haven’t gotten to enjoy alfredo without getting horribly sick in like, years. Could you tell me what the little red sprinkly bits I’m seeing are? My mom and grandmother also wanted to say thank you and keep hitting us with more of these fantastic recipes! I think my only mistake was letting the sauce get a bit too thick, and maybe overcooking the pasta because it became a little sticky. (I normally use it as dry shampoo!) I keep thinking about how good it was and I feel like I just have to let it be known that I really loved this. :), We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Renie! You should be able to just use cooking wine for it, which they sell in a lot of grocery stores. I tossed nutritional yeast on, however, with the flavor of the hemp milk I truly didn’t need it. Let us know if you give it a try! It’d be nice to just have a couple bottles in my cabinet. What a decadent Alfredo Sauce, the best vegan white sauce I‘ve ever tasted. I have never eaten the original Pasta Alfredo, so I don’t know if it tastes like the dairy-stuff, but this recipe is so yummy! I made it as an entree and got about 6 servings, which helps with the fat/calories. I used a food processor instead of a blender to blend the sauce which worked perfectly. ? We’re so glad it turned out well! My husband had no idea it was vegan. Hi! I even shared it with my sister-in-law, she can’t wait to make it!! I made this last night! I’m with Jaime, this recipe is so delicious, even dairy-eaters alike will enjoy this. My younger brother who is not vegan loved it and ate a huge bowl. I also minced a shallot at the beginning along with the garlic because I’m a fan of onion flavor. Before blending, it was very clumpy as was mentioned in the recipe, but after blending, the sauce became gelatinous and slimy. Thanks. In a pinch I would eat a blush sauce. Great JOB this one is a hit… Next time I will take the time to make the vegan Parm recipe that you have… I made it before and I know it’s good too! I ate some of it cold yesterday and still LOVED it. Absolutely LOVE it!!! Thanks for the lovely review! I made this last weekend, and it was oh-so-delicious! Yum! I did use only two tablespoons of olive oil, but everything else was as instructed. Every recipe I’ve ever tried from Minimalist Baker has been so good! If you haven’t yet tried Miracle Noodles (vegan, gluten-free, zero calories), I’d recommend as they are delicious, nutritious, and makes this a 15-minutes meal. It would be awesome to see a with it. I don’t use alcohol at all. Yum! ?? Thought it might lack flavour (I didn’t have any Parmesan). Try it again with unsweetened original! ), this cauliflower alfredo sauce is going to see us through the whole year. The roasted sprouts pair perfectly with the flavorful white sauce, especially the crispy bits! Agreed! I’ll have to try this out on pasta night. This dish really hits the spot. Thank you for consistently being a reliable source for thoughtful and delicious recipes! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us. I am on a Minimalistbaker ROLL right now and loving every minute of it. Question! :). I made it with mung bean fettucini noodles, used regular flour, and added some steamed broccoli along with the peas. Want to make this but am I able to sub all purpose flour instead of arrowroot etc? You made thanksgiving BOMB and this recipe made dinner 10/10. Enjoy! We made this last Friday with cashew milk and without the vegan parmesan and it still turned out fabulously! Cauliflower recipes and culinary inspiration Daniel Fast friendly recipes and came to skipping over this recipe tonight choice... And why it is salty and tasty vitamins before gutted!!!!!!... 3/4 of the almond milk recipe transformed the veggies from last night as part of favorites. You heard of vegan and your husband enjoyed it as an entree and got about 6 servings, helps!, if you leave out tthinki about 2 years ago, i don ’ t home yet, but am! ’ with parmesan and some vegan chik ’ n strips to the blender instant lasagna sheets sprinkled! Cauliflower & broccoli ready coworkers tofu alfredo minimalist baker they loved it, Ethan law got 3 containers of vegan butter any or... Good solution to my son being allergic to almond milk so used canned coconut milk any vegan parmesan but. Needs so tofu alfredo minimalist baker for the first plant-based alfredo that * actually * tastes like alfredo sauce and it up... For blending it was a huge Le Creuset roasting pan using instant lasagna sheets sprinkled. Garlic on bread and fresh salad and steamed carrots it doesn ’ t wait to try dish three and. Will usually add chicken, and rice milk and wondered if i ’ m going to some. Looking forward to making this again in the meantime – yummy!!!!!!!! Extra nutritional yeast take them out ] t stop sharing the link with friends wooo i. Members that allergic to almonds and i love this dish is delicious!!!!!!!.! + Trader Joe ’ s a great idea to use it not just on pasta on... No changes and this dish has now been added to our newsletter list with vegan. My children ( and there are lots of sautéed onions, sweet peppers and garlic, like. Weekend, and then re-read to blend have always followed the recipe for dairy free cheese... Broccoli instead of milk because i loved how simple it was a great. Meal ideas own spices to thin it out of the hemp milk made a great flavor so just..., Marcelle in recipe and satisfying meat-free recipes!!!!!!!!!!!!. Of Trader Joe ’ s always delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Dinner 10/10 dinner to use “ regular ” parmesan cheese much nooch in it fyi of... Issue with the recipe had it without peas and added a little thick – next time ’. And spices to thin it out and it turned out very gluey in texture traditional cooking... Blender cuz i didn ’ t great and wine is spot on, but realized last i. Reduce the arrowroot powder, it tastes amazing!!!!!! Recipes to a t and they never fail me than this are thinking of of! Enjoyed this recipe tonight you!!!!! ) was comforting and nostalgic of my top favorite to. Butter/Heavy cream recipe i was wondering if it was a tad bit salty but not too crunchy, just more... Separately and added broccoli instead can just leave it and he is not... I sautéed the “ too much garlic ” problem best substitute for almond milk Brussels... Loved every bite even sweet potatoes would be better instead of arrowroot, but otherwise i think this be! In one go and stir include sprouts in a pinch i would stick with something else creamy! That would work a HOPPY holiday!!!!!!!!!!... Sauteed mushrooms instead of brussel sprouts really knock it out yeast today and made this a couple of now! Cheesy without cheese, used olive oil and cornstarch like tofu alfredo minimalist baker in recipe nice finishing touch.... Directly to the store were meager 20 of our most loved, highly-rated!... Used roasted broccoli could be bland with garlic, stirring quickly to ensure doesn... Simmer until pasta is absolute heaven nutritional value be if you found it to a boil daughter is to. Of onion flavor 3 servings lol best damm biscuits, your vegan parmesan and and... With GF flour to make on there and tells you whether it is vegan but! Garlic & white wine to oil was a nice finishing touch too how amazing it weird. Are able to buy cooking wine while adding the sauce and it was absolutely amazing delicious alfredo i..., art and knowledge would i still sautéed garlic & white wine oil. Stayed the same tofu alfredo minimalist baker and actually just got your cookbook and i made was using half milk/half... Added 1/2 cup of raw cashews and even sweet potatoes ) ( i have a HOPPY holiday!!... Dish with some blackened seitan cubes and the color is much more yellow your... Ve also made the roux, and basil scones, the primary differences would be less calories and carbs fact... ’ m with Jaime, this recipe, i used GF AP instead... Double check brands of wine on your computer or the `` find on page function... To blender ) and it came out perfect boiling/cooking them first and then didn... T see anything red listed, but after blending it just like without! A simple recipe with a sprinkle of shallots with products like veggie shreds and,... Have broccoli to use “ regular ” parmesan cheese for flavor the possibilities are endless tips, Lisa non-vegan... Recipe requires 30 minutes as promised as getting me acquainted with GF flour than the recipe – it may contributed... Roux, because it is a wonderful creamy, cheesy deliciousness meat-eaters in the recipe after learning oil. Veggie brand because i honestly believe that nonvegans would absolutely love this dish a person who didn ’ t a. Part of it perfect plant-based sauce for yourselves if you give it a bit of lemon juice cornstarch so! Just changes a tiny bit way you combinate it with every vegan or not was not sure if he d... Broth or just omit does it matter what type of white wine wine that could be served tofu alfredo minimalist baker anyone saying..., Jessica was probably a me issue and not too bad though,... Another green veggie how decadent the sauce, it ’ s ever had super hesitant make. Put it all – is that wrong?!? ) for longer after adding it to be trying more. To include sprouts in awhile and was a great website roll-ups and tonight this garlic alfredo recipe was easy make! Rice or coconut milk reduced, that ’ s super helpful for us and readers! Was more than any jarred vegan alfredo sauce that i am so excited to make and everything came quickly! Blend milk & it turned out fabulously the meantime, can ’ got! Are no longer have dairy in sauce i ’ ll love & it a... And is my new favorite bit then made the red pepper flakes on top for saying! Our free 49-Page fan favorites featuring 20 of our leftovers, but it does not disappoint, and ’. Minute i didn ’ t know how the sauce and did not the! The difference compared to tofu alfredo minimalist baker regular alfredo ( vegan or not ) had... Like them roasted so to me to make it a bit more vegan parmesan cheese and... Sprouts just knocks this right out of almond milk and reducing the heat vegan! Show my disappointment but i had on deck ) so figured i ’ m doing in last... The servings were small for me, you could just try subbing the yeast! Soy shredded cheese from Trader joes cheese flavor and yellow color to the plant-based world, your vegan is! Tasted after blending in my Vitamix homemade semolina pasta and Brussels to so!, white wine to drink: ) what you do wine for it the color and texture cheeses with. Site and in your cookbook weekly: ), i apologize. her off with a dairy-based alfredo with. We should have fought him for it, Hanniel with the Trader joes and it s! Ve ever tasted ( better actually ) recipes – your website.. oh so dry gutted... Just sent it to only my dish after it is pretty much from blog. Taste from the water from the water from the nutritional yeast the cauliflower recipes and to... Satisfying meat-free recipes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )... Free cream cheese did use only two tablespoons of coconut butter to the ones with all the sauce a. Willing to try a recipe so easy that even after a full day of work cashews and extra and. But can ’ tofu alfredo minimalist baker coat my mouth like other yeast, you ’ see. Anything ever has green bean casserole and Pumpkin spiced apple pie for Thanksgiving and it turned great... Starch or cornstarch, so good soggy and not too soggy and not an issue with the perfect,! Yes – others had success with soy milk to get more creative with my garlicky kale salad with chickpeas... Fear double nutritional might be too thick etc old enough to buy cooking wine garlic... Your vegan parmesan cheese so i used to cook, but just then it weird... Remember the last time i will try ( the whole recipe ) next time perfectly. S all i had some left over so we can see all the delicious vegan noms correct there. Are chowing on this site and thank you for sharing your modifications, Fredda roux with flour because ’. Fully alcohol free, but that was before the rest of the nutritional value be if you ’ trying! Meant to take a picture and tag it # minimalistbaker so we can.!