The guaranteed analysis for this product is listed below. Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Dry Dog Food is the perfect recipe for your canine fish fanatic. We feed TOTW Pacific Stream Salmon to our three dogs now. When I found out about these law suits yesterday, I made the decision to have our Lily that dies yesterday autopsied. So much that I put it in the same bowl with the food he normally eats, and he ate around his orginal food & gobbled up every bite of this amazing dog food! Hello! The Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine Formula is a … Taste Of The Wild … Dried Chicory Root or Chicory Root Extract is an additive or supplement to dog food. Much of this water is evaporated during the cooking process leaving a lesser proportion of Salmon. It has a high amount of carbs, compared to its protein and fat, and the meat and fat quality in the food is mixed. Taste of the Wild’s Pacific Stream is a high-quality dry dog food.