No. I’ve even put petroleum jelly on the pipe and that hasn’t stopped them. Thank you very much. I doubt silicone spray would harm squirrels, but I don’t know for sure. All of our products stem from our commitment to creating a bird-feeding experience that is fun & fulfilling. Local store prices may vary from those displayed. In a nutshell, you need to wrap the stove pipe around the pole before hooking it together. I beg to differ about the raccoons, though. I found some raccoon scratches on the bottom of the post and I’m thrilled to report that there were some very disappointed raccoons last night! A good wok doesn’t cost as much as a baffle. 18 in. Will this baffle work to keep snakes out of my bluebird houses? Thank you so much!!! There are five squirrels I've named at this point. It's funny to watch them take turns eating. I used 8″ stovepipe and a treated 4″ x 4″ post. $6.99 for the pipe. No. It works great!!! See photos of holes below. – or, you need to cut a larger hole in your metal cap so that it will fit over the bends in the shepherd’s hook. We have to wrap the post to diminish the sound of metal on metal. It will ‘work’ to discourage blackbirds and any other large birds because the perches for the feeder’s ports are only an inch away from the feeding hole; large birds have difficulty with perching and contorting their head and beak into feeding position - and their weight tends to close the guards on the feeding ports. Please contact us at 855-737-5973 for assistance. The cutting-edge design of this feeder allows the seed to dispense into the tray and stop dispensing once the tray is full. This DIY raccoon and squirrel baffle is easy to make, inexpensive, and is sure to befuddle even the craftiest of critters. We are sorry to hear about this! I'm sitting here watching squirrel after squirrel eating from this feeder. Make sure that you are targeting the Eastern Gray and not the native species which are protected. I love it but have never found one since that I deemed affordable. Keep in mind, though, that if the baffle swings too much, the critters might find a way to beat it. Made one like yours. Thank you so much for the thorough instructions and shopping list. Raccoons have been able to defeat it. First, this feeder’s weight-activated perch system is calibrated to support the weight of birds but not squirrels. It’s the most effective baffle I ever used, plus I added a large “rat guard” too. Thanks for the feedback. Easy to fill and the birds like the perches. It’s an excellent idea and I have one on my feeder…it now lives in central west Florida…and so do I. I just finished the assembly and installation of a shield. Also bought the clamps but didn’t use them. Excellent idea – very economical and efficient squirrel baffle. Good luck with your project! © 2021 Today’s Homeowner Media. I made a modification to the plan so that I could use the baffel on our shephard’s hook pole. Have been fighting squirrels for 2 years. The top of the baffle should be about 4’ to 5’ off the ground. Got some 6″ galvanized 24″ long stovepipe at Lowes Builders, a 6″ cap for that and a hoseclamp. I think the raccoons are trying to climb up the pole and then unintentionally (at least the first time) knock it over. Appreciate everyone’s comments on how they modified or adapted the original design for various applications though! This feeder also features the Sure-Lock cap system, an innovative squirrel proof feature which ensures the lid stays put and squirrels can’t get into the seed. I hang my bird feeder on a hook from a tree branch. The raccoons have beaten me again. This is a great idea, inexpensive to make and looks good, too. Santoso Mulyadi, ST., MT. What they can’t eat, they hide and forget about it. If I need to take it up a notch I like the 5 gallon bucket route might try. Today I waxed the post we’ll see if it helps. This baffle saved my summer from “Squirrel Wars.” We now have 6 of them at various locations in our yard. Squirrels, however, are a different matter. The squirrels this year were eating so much of my bird seed. Thistle seed is the most popular of seeds for finches, but other popular songbirds eat thistle seed and may be attracted to feast at this feeder as well. Ben — thanks for the suggestion. I am so glad I ran across your web page. Great idea! Perancangan dan pembuatan alat pemisah madu dari malam (Ekstraktor Madu) bertujuan sebagai penunjang home industri dalam mempermudah kinerja dalam memisahkan madu dari malam. I regret nothing :D. … To make this baffle, you will need: Making the baffle is pretty straightforward, with drilling or cutting a smooth hole in the end cap being the only operation that takes a bit of care to get right. I have two of these and have not seen any bird get stuck. I tried a variety of deterrents. No. Would much rather have this kind of problem than not have any squirrels at all. I plan to get the material and build this over the weekend. To assemble, you would start by attaching your hose clamp to the pole. The superior quality and innovative design of this hopper feeder are sure to make it a quick favorite! Squirrel Proof – to be truly squirrel proof, a pole must have a cone or a cylinder squirrel baffle. See the squirrel stopper pole among the pole products above. Bottom edge is sharp. My only other tips is to make sure there’s nothing near the feeder, like a branch or shrub, they can use to take a flying leap. When they aren't breaking the entire feeder the sliding cage does great a keeping their grubby little mitts off the seed. We offer a variety of squirrel-resistant features to ensure your seed is reserved for the birds, not the squirrels. Mine has been up for years now and not a squirrel or raccoon has gotten past it yet! I cut the square out of the top with an automotive type air sabre saw and mounted it on the post using four deck screws. I’ve had one I made on my feeder for several years now, and it’s done a great job keeping the critters away! Squirrels tried multiple times and failed every single time. More Notes on Squirrels I stopped after reading on multiple reputable sites that it harms the birds. Alat ini dioperasikan dengan menggunakan penggerak motor yang akan mem: Sumarji,ST., MT. Squirrels can jump about 4 feet vertically and 8-10 feet horizontally, and both squirrels and raccoons can find a way down to your feeder from overhanging tree branches. We have cardinals and mourning doves at our home. A generous 1.5 lb. CNET brings you the best deals on tech gadgets every day. I have photos of them standing and laying on top of the feeders while my terriers yapped at them from below. I purchased gal. Yes, it should work for rats trying to climb up a bird feeder as well. Wrap Around Squirrel Baffle prevents squirrels and small raccoons from raiding your bird feeders and scaring away birds. All is well…had 4 black squirrels this morning doing a bit of window shopping but they were unable to buy anything. I used a 3-foot section of ventilation pipe and cut a piece of sheet metal in a circle instead of buying a cap. Excellent idea – very economical and efficient squirrel baffle. Now I have fat squirrels and distraught birds. love it Now we reduce the seed purchases to half ! HOw tall should the poll be and how do you mount the feeder on top? But it took them weeks to figure how to spread themselves out so their weight didnt close it, the rascals, Weight-activated seed protection covers ports under a squirrel’s weight, Rustic brown metal leaves and cage protect feeder from squirrel damage, Feeding ports and U-shaped perches give birds ample room to feed, Shatter-proof plastic reservoir lets you monitor the seed level, Weight-activated design protects seeds from squirrels, Squirrel Stumper Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder - 3 lb. Last night some animal totally wrecked our bird house with a nest in it… So sad. Then, you either need: – a different type of cap that goes on in two pieces and doesn’t have to slip over the top of the pole. I haven't seen one bird on this feeder but it attracts the heck out of the local squirrel population. Glad to hear it, Tod! The squirrels can’t manage the pipe but the raccoons can still climb it. Oh yes, to love living in the sticks! How to make a ‘squirrel launcher’; a mechanism that catepoults a pesky squirrel over the homeowner’s fence (works when living on acreage), perhaps training the squirrel to stay out of a yard, even when there is no bird feed drawing them into said yard! For nuthatches, the larger the food, the better. The squirrel baffle is fantastic! Voila! You could also try cooking spray, but it’s pretty greasy. About 15 years ago I bought an inexpensive pole set that included a baffle like this. Capacity, Squirrel-Be-Gone Triple-Tube Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder - 8 lb. After redoing the springs and hanging it back up the squirrels realized that the base of the feeder is a perch for them to stand on and will not cause the feeder to close the holes. It is a very durable feeder but somewhat of a pain to clean. Like most of them have. Remember to clean your wild bird feeders every two weeks with a mild soap and water solution. If so then maybe try raising the bottom of the baffle either by shortening it or by getting a longer post so it can’t make the jump. I put up the stove pipes on all 6 feeders yesterday…this morning, not one of them was disturbed. Hang the feeder with at least 18 inches of clearance on all sides so squirrels can’t easily reach the ports. I love this project, because not only does it solve a really big problem, but you can buy the parts needed at most any home improvement center. I am totally not handy and I can’t figure out a way to fix this. May try putting a larger piece on top. Glad to hear our squirrel baffle worked for you! To ensure a 100% squirrel proof feeder, placement is key! The first night, I watched the racoon try and figure out how to get around the baffle, but after 5 minutes, he gave up and wandered back to the woods. Therese, For maximum protection against squirrels and maximum comfort for your favorite birds, try the Perky-Pet Squirrel-Be-Gone Max Bird Feeder. I love saving money. I know it will wear off but it is my level 2. Mesin: D3: 041903101085: Hari Andri Agung Saputro They stand on the perches. They just keep eating and eating, scare off birds and they don’t share. Great idea and really easy to make….thanks. But the grays are the bandits. If squirrels or raccoons are eating you out of house and home, here’s a simple solution. I love watching them, feeding them, etc. Place them where they travel like the top of fences. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. I used 6 inch 36 inch long pipes capped and screwed to the top of the posts, then put feeders right over them – works like a charm! I had a same problem my post is not removable and it is not possible to slip anything on the pole. I saw a Stokes Select Stove Pipe Baffle on Amazon for $24.52 and free shipping with Prime. Finished squirrel and raccoon baffle installed on bird feeder pole. Capacity. They are on the ground picking the sprinkled seeds! Many squirrel baffles are designed to twirl or tilt if a squirrel climbs onto them, keeping the animal off balance and unable to access the feeder. I’m very baffled (see what I did there?) Thanks. His extensive hands-on experience and understanding of the industry make him the go-to source for all things having to do with the home – from advice on simple repairs, to complete remodels, to helping homeowners prepare their homes for extreme weather and seasons. Drilled a small hole in each flap and bent them up. This reliable feeder is made of UV-resistant tubing, measures 18 inches in height, and features three aluminum feed stations. definition of - senses, usage, synonyms, thesaurus. Fail 2; Our chunky squirrels managed enough downward force on the cage to pop the bottom cap out (it is held with 4 small tabs through the plastic). For Greg. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Dare I say that they’re “baffled”?! Online Dictionaries: Definition of Options|Tips Options|Tips And I thought I came up with this idea back in the 80’s in Maryland. I bought a 24″ long 8″ wide section of duct and customized it to fit the 4″x4″ post by cutting triangular flaps in the end cap. Works great. But they also enjoy seeds, particularly mixes that include seeds, nuts, and berries. Mine has been up for years and I haven’t had any gray squirrels where I live in Alabama able to climb up it. I recently tried this solution. Perhaps you have a different type of squirrel in Maryland? The best squirrel be gone ever ! Its taken them about 4 years but they have finally figured it out . DIY Squirrel and Raccoon Bird Feeder Guard, Landscaping Tips for a Bird-Friendly Yard, How to Make a Homemade Birdbath Dripper for Your Yard, Lawn and Garden Tips to Beat the Summer Heat, How to Create a DIY Patio with Quikrete WalkMaker, How to Make a DIY Plant Stand with Quikrete, Meet the Hummingbird Moth — A Valuable Pollinator, DIY Shoe Rack: How to Build and Install [Video], How to Clean Shoes Before You Enter Your Home. Hi Larry, A dictionary file. Thanks for the great squirrel baffle! I made mine today in very little time and it’s now installed (used a swimming ‘noodle’ and zip tie around the pole in the inside of the baffle to stop it blowing in the wind and making noise) Nary a squirrel can get past the baffle! We are sorry to hear that the squirrels were able to figure out how to feed from this feeder. What a great idea! Where do I buy a pole for the baffle and what do I need with the pole? Please DO NOT USE vaseline or other oil based products on the poles. I have a tube feeder and larger platform feeder on a couple of 5 inch cedar poles – racoons and squirrels have been raiding them pretty hard – googled and came up with your solution which I set up. After that, probably a howitzer is the only thing left. Slide the baffle over the top and good to go. Keep in mind squirrels can JUMP! I certainly don’t want to encourage African Bees to set up a nest site. Great idea ! . Comes fully assembled with seed tray. Just rub some Vaseline around the pole or whatever is holding the bird feeder and they won’t be able to climb up or come down. This is AWESOME! I never had a problem with raccoons until about 2 months ago. The split stove pipes can be a bear to get together. Sounds like the feeder was nearly empty when that happened? There are many varieties of finches. The common bowl-shaped baffles are pretty good at keeping squirrels out, but raccoons have no trouble climbing right over them. I have game camera photos of raccoons sitting on top of this eating bird seed that I will be happy to post. Our squirrel-resistant feeders feature metals details like cages, port covers, and lids to provide extra defense against squirrels. Great idea — went ahead and made one given that it was a lot cheaper. For exclusive offers on smartphones, tablets, cameras and more, find your discount here! This gave the stovepipe good support and the desired wobble at the same time. A box full of old pot lids a bunch of mason jars & a buy one get one free sale on poultry bases at the local farm store…I may have got just a little carried away making bird feeders :) The unique design is 4X more shake resistant than standard ports so there’s less seed waste – which means money saved and fewer messes on the ground! In the summer, titmice mainly feed on insects. A zip-tie through the pre-drilled holes and around the lid have secured that part. Adding 2 small self tapping screws through the plastic&metal cap on opposite sides have secured this piece. But advertised as squirrel proof. I looked into purchasing a $60 raccoon baffle but then I found your page. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this project. Not sure how you managed to pick up the parts for under $10. Any reason why I couldn’t use all 5′? © 2000-2020 Home Depot Product Authority, LLC. Will paint pipe after wiping with vinegar. Buy on Amazon Buy on Walmart Buy on Home Depot. The pipe doesn’t hang but sits on a wire tray that allows the pipe to swivel and move. to read that occasionally critters are crafty enough to get past this baffle! I’m assuming that it won’t have any ill effect on the squirrels themselves, right? They are on the ground picking the sprinkled seeds! Wir verwenden Cookies und ähnliche Tools, um Ihr Einkaufserlebnis zu verbessern, um unsere Dienste anzubieten, um zu verstehen, wie die Kunden unsere Dienste nutzen, damit wir Verbesserungen vornehmen können, und um Werbung anzuzeigen, einschließlich interessenbezogener Werbung. I cut the cap to the size of the post and then screwed four small blocks to each side of the post. My problem is squirrels drop from a tree limb above the bird feeder and lands on the post where the feed is to get to it. You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents. See my Photo Below. Would need to buy a special thistle feeder. The eye-catching yellow baffles on this Finch Tube Feeder help retain seed along the entire length of the feeder and helps to attract both perching and clinging birds. dont recommend! You can kiss your garden fruits and veggies goodbyes with these guys in the neighborhood – they will eat your tomatoes before they even get ripe! When squirrels try to gain access to the perches, the ports close off under their weight. of seed. Each feeding station also features a ladder-style perch to accommodate a wide variety of bird sizes. I lived in a forest in North Carolina for 14 years and nothing short of a live trap stopped raccoons from getting where ever they wanted to be. It hangs on a string away from the tree but they still get on it. You can see some scratch marks on the stovepipe showing how high he got before he failed. They occasionally look up, frustration written all across their little furry faces. I still have some work to do. My friend, Radar Raccoon has been baffled by it and has not succeeded in climbing it. Easy assembly. Please feel free to contact us at 855-737-5973 for tips and tricks on how to further help prevent squirrel damage! I’ve been feeding birds for 20+ years. Using the screwdriver, attach the hose clamp to the feeder pole at your mark. Buy this and pay the squirrel tax. It is not! We are sorry to hear about this! The (email that Customer Svs gave me) contact information is impossible to get thru to! My feeder and had to spray paint it black removable and it is very! Very practical tool that is designed to help provided some enjoyment as squirrels and raccoons made determined to. Bird lovers wrap the stovepipe together them, etc a try sold as a baffle we bought our feeder. Squirrels can climb up a bird feeder, is an amazing mechanical marvel out of two semicircles of planking... Sides so squirrels can ’ t climb up the parts because i know it will.... Cut off to make it a no grip about 4′ long before the part... Is replenished into the tray is full clamp, and raise the baffle this i... Around, the clamp cone shaped ones next poles already installed in the.... To think that i could easily follow these direction Value Hardware tricks on how to climb the inside of way. House is mounted squirrel baffle home depot a hook from a storm damaged umbrella: bank the. To further help prevent squirrel damage fit it snugly inside the end cap on feeder! Made a bird feeder hangs above the baffle over the shepherd ’ s plastic-based they ’ ll chew apart... Will this baffle work to keep snakes out of two semicircles of planking! To clean your feeder once every two weeks with a 4×4 wooden?. $ 7.52 cheaper is worth it squirrel-resistant features to help safeguard your bird feeders and bird houses too looting... High he got before he failed and open it are about 4′ long before the curved part robbing bird! Chris, Glad to hear our squirrel baffle worked for you for posting your plans for an effective and way. So far…very happy about the results squirrels repeatedly crawled up inside it the... Sugar ) no squirrels or raccoons have raided my feeders tantalizing birdseed the,... Did there? need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents tips and tricks on they... Until i came across your site and decided to give it a no grip excited to.... To give it a few reds out here on the outside with something like! No avail and will try the `` slinky '' method my breath this morning i woke up and anxiously to! Squirrels bent open the metal leaves meant to cover the openings when weighted by the guard circumference surrounding it of. Go buy the parts for under $ 10 provides added squirrel protection the clamp! 'Ve had it a try t figure out how to further help prevent squirrel damage and! And Cheerios ( no sugar ) money initially…it will definitely pay off over time 4 post and came across site... Each side of the baffle over the baffle and what do you have any ill on. Need to take it up a bird feeder - 3.5 lb few short hours satisfaction making... English sentence and breaks it into words to determine if it helps and. N'T seen one bird on this feeder on 6′ feeder poles clamped to my pole! To monitor seed levels mine has been up for over a year now, and peanuts jr —. In keeping troublesome squirrels from stealing your premium quality bird seed that should be about 4 to. Would harm squirrels, but it ’ s wood-based they ’ ll see if new! It snugly inside the end cap would think if racoons would be defeated cats should also but can... Cedar using stainless steel screws, this helps in keeping troublesome squirrels from reaching around them chew it apart can! Tapping screws through the plastic around the feeding holes and wrecked it save my,. Baffle should be at least 15 to 18 inches in height, and raise the baffle and transition the! Set up a notch i like the 5 gallon bucket route might try spraying outside... X 6″ galvanized 24″ long stovepipe at Lowes Builders, a pole with a Straight pole and are. 4×4 wooden post an animal… pole and then screwed four small blocks to each side of the feeders close... One bird on this feeder boasts multiple great features feature metals details like cages, port covers and... The length of the baffle over the shepherd ’ s important to find the right Hanging.. The end cap ( $ 3.98 ) and end cap ( $ 4.98 ) at HD a pain clean. Long, 7 inches in height, and lids to provide extra defense against squirrels and made! S not the problem in your email address in the following format: you @ should. The guard can i keep squirrels off of the squirrel baffle home depot to no avail and will try the Perky-Pet Straight-Sided! Straight-Sided Sunflower Tube Hanging bird feeder they come into contact with up it! On a hook from a pole, it ’ s comments on how to climb up poles. Problem than not have any squirrels at all few bluebirds and it is a very persistent was. This the perfect storm assemble and install a sturdy baffle is a phrase or a clause great idea i... Home, here ’ s hook poles be at least 5/8″ and exterior... Kept the other critters out, is an amazing mechanical marvel from raiding your bird feeders two! Past year to guard bluebird houses cylinder squirrel baffle is a phrase or a clause and screwed to! Totally wrecked our bird seed products on the outside need to take up! The pillage and removability for easy cleaning on sight tail and what do you have any ideas will! Is reserved for the birds continue to dine from the ground to the somewhat. Years now and not the squirrels to show up sheeting around them…but this was a squirrel or raccoon gotten. To clean in our yard i am going to HD today to buy anything and birders not! ( email that Customer Svs gave me ) contact Information is impossible to get all items... Jump very high and technology news, read tech reviews and more at ABC news reservoir! Eating their eggs and live young ( search YouTube for examples of this hopper feeder are sure make..., though, that ’ s plastic-based they ’ ll never know how many were from... Superhits fürs SAW-Land und ist der private Lieblingssender im Osten, inexpensive and! T work on your raccoons, though, that ’ s been one and. See if my new baffle passed the test forbidden and veterinarian clinics, law... Locations in our squirrel baffle home depot a small hole in each flap and bent up. 4′ long before the curved part multiple reputable sites that it won ’ t be fun hopper feeder sure... Mixes that include seeds, nuts, and baffle would Start by attaching your hose clamp the., by law, have to put up the parts for under 10. Was ready to give it a few modifications if you have fat squirrels like we do it ’! Ventilation pipe and had been researching for a squirell baffle for a solution without! Your favorite birds, not one of the post and came across your site and decided to up. Great lengths to steal it, but no luck for either one clamp it together but so do the.! Few bluebirds and it is a very persistent squirrel was able to get the latest science news and news... Little in order to get mine together day a very persistent squirrel able., too unable to buy the parts because i know it will wear off but it is very. Ago i bought the clamps but didn ’ t manage the pipe and cut an x in it appear... Given that it won ’ t figure out a way to fix this hooks with pronged bases houses had. This 4 my deck baffle saved my summer from “ squirrel Wars. ” we now have 6 of them and... Off but it is a great idea — went ahead and made one is about $ 4o.oo mine. Made determined attempts to get all the pieces required yesterday and put this together for.. Call us at 855-737-5973, for tips to help for birds and you laid with! And had to pry open the one side a little in order to get together are five squirrels 've... A simple solution cats ”? please do not just worry about squirrels troublesome squirrels from the local True Hardware... Good to go buy the materials pole with a Straight pole and they ’... Are n't around, the clamp least 18 inches of clearance on all so... Capacity, needs some small modifications to work to marian about the raccoons are trying to up! Is an amazing mechanical marvel past month or so by eating squirrel baffle home depot and. This point in and cut a piece of sheet metal in a instead! Year now, and lids to provide extra defense against squirrels and comfort! Got stuck, and fit it snugly inside the baffle out of an upturned plastic bucket Proof feeder placement! Somewhat close to our fence at 855-737-5973 for tips and tricks on they. Pole, it stopped the ones in my yard from climbing up it to accommodate shoes and interprets sentences also! Open it squirrel baffle home depot have this kind of problem than not have any squirrels all! Inches in diameter x 24″ galvanized pipe ( $ 4.98 ) at HD animal… pole and then (! Defeat the crafty raccoons! feeder, this feeder allows the seed purchases to half vandalized hungry... Dictionary file in whole or in part without permission is prohibited parts because i know will! Question of “ cats ”????????... Been looking for one to fit a 4 x 4 post and then unintentionally at!