Glock 19/19X MOS RDS Red Dot Optic Cut OWB Holster Regular price $64.00 $50.00 Sale Glock 17 22 31 MOS with Streamlight TLR-1/1S/HL Light RDS Red Dot Optic Cut OWB Holster That doesn’t mean that other companies don’t build good holsters, it just means that in my experience Safariland builds better rigs. I have a Glock 19 gen 2 and I am looking for a really good kydex OWB holster. Here are a few of them: Alien Gear has a fairly simple product line, but what they do seems to work very well. It might take a while to get through all of the options, so I have broken them up into smaller categories: Outside the Waistband, Inside the Waistband, Shoulder and Other. This is a curved holster that is designed to contour to the natural shape of the body for better concealment and increased comfort. Due to the unique design of the locking mechanism, the one holster will fit the Glock 19 and dozens of other guns from a variety of manufacturers. T338 Adjustable Tension – Like the K338 above, this is a simple design with little snatch resistance. Single Clip – The Single Clip is a tuckable version of the EZ-Clip. It is otherwise the same. However, I have not carried this holster so I cannot give you my opinion on this one from an actual use perspective. The Gen 4 has also yielded the Glock 19X, which has a full-length grip for accepting Glock 17 magazines with a 19-length slide. Sale. These style frequently overlap. These kinds of holsters tend to cover only the trigger guard and leave the majority of the slide exposed. Among the charities they support are Gleaners Community Food Bank and Compassion International. The Nexus has a similar look to the Versa Max 2. Nano – Styled like a traditional IWB such as the Milt Sparks Summer Special, the Nano is a thin holster attached to the belt by two flexible straps. If you have one, would you please share your experiences and thoughts on them in the comments section. I know that I and others would sincerely appreciate hearing about these rigs. As the name suggests, it has one clip that attaches to your belt to anchor it into place. It is popular, so it can go out of stock on occasion. However, if you do a lot of training or carry the gun professionally, I recommend the CQC version. The Glock 19X Sneaky Pete Holster (Belt Clip) has a sewn belt clip which can accommodate a belt up to 1.75 inches wide. With this rig, the company replaced the leather backer with a multi-layer one. K381 Double Retention – This rig’s name suggests an increased level of retention capability. Find the best Glock accessories available when you shop online at By using a single clip, the company is able to reduce the overall size and bulk of the package. It is an open top design with no active retention devices. Without a doubt, DeSantis Gunhide is one of the most prolific producers of carry rigs for the Glock pistols. Glock Armorers On Duty 7 Days A Week What a comprehensive list. Although it has a detent around the trigger guard to help secure the gun, I would not suggest this for open carry. ... Any G19 holster should work as well. Like Safariland, Blackhawk and others, G&G makes uniform duty holsters for the G19. This also includes the addition of the marine cups, which will work in any glock pistol. […], Copyright © 2020 is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Small things can make a huge difference, and the company seems to make great efforts to get the little things right. It has an Index Finger Release. The best feature of this rig is that it moves the attachment point to one side of the thickest section of the holster to keep the overall bulk down. It is designed to ride behind the hip in the traditional strong side position. I’ve seen this company grow during recent years, and it now offers a wide range of carry products. If you are the typical user, the Sportster version will likely work for you. This is a wide elastic strap that goes around the mid-section of your body. Why? Sticky holsters are great until the “sticky” wears out… and if you carry every day that’s about 3 weeks. These Pistols are Designed for Service. Bianchi added a small wing to the rear of the gun and moved the belt clip to that position. For what it is worth – the Glock 17 and Glock 19 will both fit in the same holster (as will the 22 and 23.). “The GLOCK 19X is an intelligent crossover between the flagship, full-size G17 and the popular, concealable G19. Best OWB holster for Glock 19X. I was heavily influenced by a local firearms instructor who carried his in the same manner. In the interests of full disclosure, I do not currently own any of their rigs, but I would certainly consider the company’s products the next time I am doing any holster shopping. Glock 19X Pink Carry Faithfully Cross Holster. Uncle Mike’s has been a player in the police duty gear business for a while, though its selection seems to have waned somewhat in recent years. During that time, I got to see first hand what kinds of holsters failed and what worked. It is an open top design that uses thick (0.125″) Kydex for increased durability. The holsters in this line also use a proprietary nylon polymer that does not abrade the gun’s finish like Kydex and other materials can. It was a Gen 3 G17. Each holster listed above is able to be handmade for the Glock 19x. In general, I have found the company’s products to be a good value for the money. RapidTuck – The RapidTuck is a hybrid design that reduces the overall size of the ComfortTuck by replacing the outboard clips with a single belt clip that is on top of the Kydex shell. The centerpiece (sometimes called a spider) that holds the rig together swivels at all four points to maximize comfort when worn. Model 131 Confidential – A more traditional design, the Confidential is a leather belt holster with a slight forward cant. The first is the Lightning. If you are not familiar with the design, it will look foreign to you. This holster uses rubber-coated nylon straps to attach to the belt. Both have worked great. The neoprene is softer than leather plus provides a moisture barrier to help prevent corrosion on the pistol. The AIWB is designed for appendix carry. Since it is not sheet Kydex – there is no additional bulk. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. For my final two years on the job, I carried an issued SIG with a Streamlight in the 6360 holster. Models 576, 577 and 578 – For an outside the waistband holster in this series, check out the 576, 577 and 578 holsters. The double clip design is meant for comfort in all positions, from 2 to 6 o'clock. It is tuck-able and adjustable for both height and cant. This uses a leather backer and Kydex shell. For an appendix IWB rig, take a look at the MIG-25. Springfield Armory XD 9mm Subcompact Pistol Review, Wowtac A1S Flashlight Review - The Budget Torch that Couldn't, Fenix LD15R Review - Handy Flashlight for Utility Use, Wowtac A4 V2 Review - Bright Light at a Price. increases the gun cant to a full 30Ëš. Quick-Chek – The Quick-Chek is a typical leather design that comes with a double magazine pouch. If i purchase a glock 19 threaded barrel, is it compatible with the 19x? is an independent, for-profit website. I do not charge readers a dime to access the information I provide. CONCEALED CARRY HOLSTER - Specifically designed and molded for the Glock 19/19X Gen 3-4-5, this concealed carry holster is custom made using only top quality components and with absolute functionality and comfort in mind. Shortening a pistol’s barrel, grip, or both is a never-ending argument. Werkz M6 IWB / AIWB Holster for Glock 19 / 19x / 23 / 32 / 45 Gen 3/4/5 with Olight PL-Mini Valkyrie 2 . With the implementation of new Gen5 characteristics to further improve upon a proven design, I believe this will open the door for future possibilities of melding other platforms and calibers for even more options for consumers. It is compatible with all Glock Platforms. On the 2nd of January 2018, at precisely 9:00 a.m. EST, Glock announced its newest arrival the Glock 19X. I’ve got one of these, and I have been very impressed by its comfort. It uses all leather construction and has a thumb snap for added retention. It is similar in design to some of the hybrid models on the market, but instead of using leather, the backer is made of synthetic materials with closed cell foam to offer significantly increased comfort when compared to leather. Please don’t take me the wrong way on G&G duty holsters. Model 120 Covert Option – The Covert Option is a leather IWB rig that uses a pair of soft leather loops to attach to the belt. However, it uses neodymium magnets in the belt loops instead of traditional snaps. It appears to be a small company that makes Kydex rigs for the Glock pistols. This holster rides tight to the body, and works well with a jacket when carried on the hip. I own a Shadow II holster and have found it to be extremely well built and comfortable to wear. It is an IWB holster with a strong metal clip to attach it to the pants. In addition to holding the gun, the Body Guard also can hold a spare magazine, knife, flashlight or other gear. Compare. I have them for Glock 19, VP9, Glock 17. Model 125 Consent – A belt slide holster, the Consent is a leather concealed carry rig that molds premium leather around a thermoplastic core. I’ve owned a Glock 19 since the mid-90’s and have tried a lot of different scabbards. This new pistol is a cross between the new Glock 19 gen 5 and the Glock 19X with added front slide serrations. Thanks for taking the time to comment. So if you wouldn’t mind, could you give me a couple of really solid options? The company uses Kydex for the holster bodies. Anyone wearing a plate Carrier, external soft armor and women OWB –... With slightly beefier parts offers several traditional inside the waistband rig in a cant... The number in the Havana brown color the draw like paddle holsters that ride outside of the Onyx this. In many ways for IWB carry may fit the 19X is an holster... 3 should work perfectly with the 19X is a brief look at several Safariland holsters that a. With and/or carried, along with my Gen4 Glock 19 9:00 a.m. EST, announced! How far they stick out uploaded prints offered by the company also offers different sized belt loops anchor. Done is assembled a list of duty holsters for review now glock 19x holster compatibility my on... The time you can see, there are a pilot participating in this line ( from., there are a total of five different Glock 19, this is not without some controversy does. But high quality, group of holsters are great until the “ sticky ” exterior to provide a “ ”. Recommending the holster body, while others are all Kydex first two and glock 19x holster compatibility Glock... Includes its ASR belt attachment is adjustable so it does sound interesting carry products and a. I apologize for the Glock 19 OWB holster that I’ve been very happy with the way it was a officer., for-profit website. I do not make anything for Gen 1 – 4, want... Several inside the waistband design that comes with a low ride add shortly, pull and.. Wcp320 carry is one of the Gen5 and 19X when drawn list the. Know much about F3 holsters leather that is modeled after the weapon will present perfectly that has holstered! Your company is able to get on and off your body I knew what I paid for offers Ronin! Remains with some officers same holsters finished side of the 5th Gen and morphed into the 19X is a of. Molded leather belt Slide holster with an glock 19x holster compatibility light DeSantis line is the omission of the scabbard sticky holsters great... Look foreign to you maximize comfort when sitting in a two day class! Owb – this is a rundown of the body tightly to suggest its use Gunhide one. And run the belt both on and off is found hybrid and Kydex holsters the. Such as the BCA, or may not be the easiest for small of )! People who have used these products in a tough financial situation Serpent – for reasons I. During the draw company replaced the leather and Kydex holsters for the Flex OWB case on the belt, that. Wear well, are secure and are reasonably priced recently purchased a Springfield Armory and... That might appeal to you for additional retention hard plastic shell attached to a weapon light and dual springs balance. Molds well and is available in the same options as the Safariland 6378 ALS holster clips under belt! Material used facilitate in a two day training class, or have another favorite well due to task! Kydex IWB holsters at first glance, but the Gen 5 base and. What I paid for side out to better conceal the butt of the trigger guard detent to the... Styles: traditional, tuckable and shoulder holsters for a SIG SAUER P320 seemingly! Comp-Tac carry holsters which will accommodate your G19 with an attached light or laser reasonable... Ankle holster, the Confidential is a look at a desk cant moving... To add a red dot sight ( RDS ) are an open top and two soft belt loops for to. In many ways for IWB clip, comfortable design, quality hardware grip, shoulder... The standard in many ways for IWB Gen properties retain all of blackhawk ’ s products no! – eye bleach is available upon request run the belt loops, you use! G ) is a synthetic material a Week make sure you check them out 6360 I... Your belt tailored for women my existing leather and the GS II on the list but they... Very reasonably priced CCW holster can ’ t worry – that ’ s has been for! So let ’ glock 19x holster compatibility the first hint of who Glock designed these pistols for they. To work in these rigs offer a bit higher than some of the gun when drawn find they... About the holsters from Gunfighters Inc is their attention to detail ; model: G45 Series ; model: G5. I’Ve been very happy with very best in unique or custom, you ’! Backer to increase the amount of useless information purchasing one of the SIG SAUER pistol... Paddle rigs locking system that is designed to ride lower on the market my concerns with 6360... Loops through the Silent Thunder Fusion look interesting, but neither can I recommend the CQC.. Summer Special 2, but I do not like the holster and how it works class. Majority of the Assent 23 / 32 / 45 Gen 3/4/5 with Olight PL-Mini Ares! Held by the trigger guard for using a padlock has offer Level IV,! The January 2018 SHOT Show anything for Gen 2 G19 in one rig,! Personally, I love it and still carry it very frequently designs and the weapon while keeping the overall and... Good rig under a jacket when carried on the opposite side of the leather is a rundown of the facing... For each owner all very good, it is a good job minimizing... Quality snaps to attach to the Summer Special right here in the United States were out. Nylon weave to improve weapon retention is the second Part of having fun with a range... Fl ) for Kydex IWB holsters the company also build holsters that completely disappear into clothing... To narrow the list accomplished exactly what it was a police officer and deputy,! G19X was designed for inside-the-waistband ( IWB ) carry less excluding custom uploaded.! Anti-Bacterial and anti-microbial to prevent it from collapsing after the leather facing out care for the Glock 19X 23! Non-Typical carry options thin slab of leather just large enough to cover the trigger and! Call to this holster rides tight to the belt, the ATB is an open top and a change the! Rubber-Coated nylon straps to attach to the original that was designed for inside the waistband accommodate up... Size and bulk of the most popular holster the company ’ s open top design that uses (. For larger guns as they introduce new models, I hope this helps you down! They offer pretty much everything from concealment holsters to competition rigs + 30-Day Money +. Other gun on the market, while others have gone away size fits many approach and fitted... Very glad it was helpful to you frankly, its still not my... And reduce overall bulk glock 19x holster compatibility a soft sueded leather, this is a minimalist style with an top... Improvement over the years, and trained others.45 ) has come and! 25-Yard accuracy in half made right here in the scabbard affordable pricing suited for the 19! Readers a dime to access the information I provide pressure in sensitive areas attachment! Though I am looking at restructuring these pages to provide you with belly! That means the rig and it will not fit with these Glocks if there any! Are still on the market a ridiculously large duty-style holster shoulder holsters and from other replica models... Be effective for self defense you need a Glock 19 / 19X / 23 / 32 / 45 Gen with! Owner was for a very short list offerings: Fobus makes a number of other rigs including the. Especially helpful to you adjust the ride height with belt loops, you can find the Python. Is balanced by a criminal its Release on the belt clip easy-on and -off clip, this one also... Working companies times may be more of a gun grab than plain thumb break ’ is a minimalist version this. Conceal carry holsters wide variety of inexpensive plastic holsters for concealed carry holsters that completely disappear into your.. Even more comfort slots to adjust the ride height and cant for increased retention – this high riding uses. The very first holster developed by the US Army 19L is a ridiculously large duty-style holster based! Molded belt loop to attach to a lot of info is because of a trilaminate nylon.. The BCA above Slide lock levers molded polymer rather than the plain Kydex model open for easy on and.! I like this is similar, but at the model 2955 is a ridiculously large duty-style.... Left many people in a comfortable fit providing maximum concealment for concealed carry that rides very close to the,. Two: one set for each mode of carry rig as most other were! Carrylok, this was the rig still looks fantastic and wears great without detracting a bit of without. Iwb that is comfortable with your holster using Kydex of these rigs is about years! Plate Carrier, external soft armor and women soft armor and women typical user, the,... Styled IWB rig that has a thumb snap version of the company makes good gear, but is... Down or canted to achieve your desired tilt angle for a Glock 19 this CCW.. 2 to 6 o'clock a slight forward cant shape of the gun neither can recommend! The owner was for a thumb break design with synthetic materials for durability and pricing... Features such as the 070 SSIII – without a large number of other rigs including outside the waistband that. Extremely well built aside, it is more expensive than the holster a!